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Survey123: New Problems on Unchanged Survey

Question asked by deleted-user-wgzH2d-p_0_f on Apr 10, 2017
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Hello all!

I've created a survey in Survey123 that my field techs have been using successfully.  However, I've noticed today that there are some problems that are showing up; it's not affecting the "submit" capabilities, but it is affecting the data entered and related tables.  I haven't changed anything in the survey due to it being published and people are collecting data.

1) In my survey, I have a cell that totals the values from the three previous cells.  Up until today it's been working fine; now it won't sum my values correctly.  Example:




(total): 300

2) I have some nested tables in my survey that for the entries late last month, there is a link in the main table on ArcOnline (See attachment 1; This table doesn't show on  For example, I have one cell that asks how many types of pesticides were used on a field.  If the user enters 1, a new set of questions appear.  If the user enters more than one, the new set of questions appear as does an arrow saying "1 of __."  Once you fill out the questions for the first pesticide, you click the arrow and then answer questions about the subsequent pesticides.  What used to happen is a link would appear in the main table (after the survey is submitted) that would bring you to a new table that would show the answers to the sets of questions that appear after you enter the main number.  Now, there is no link.  I can still access the related table (See attachment 2), but it doesn't show which field the questions are referring to.  


Any ideas on why there are issues if I haven't changed anything?