Newbie Question: Drive Time Analysis

Discussion created by rmutell on Jan 3, 2011
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Hello Everyone,

If someone can point me in a general direction I'd appreciate it.  I believe I am heading there by looking through this forum but could use some confirmation.

I want to determine the average distance via drive time for patients that visit our clinic(s).  I have lat/long for my patients (at the ZIP centroid for privacy reasons) and the location of my clinics.  I have > 500 clinics across the country.  Each clinic has about 30-50 patients, and I want to know what is the average drive time for patients per clinic.  There is a theory that the further the drive, the poorer the health outcomes are.  We are a chronic facility, so patients come to only 1 facility (in general).

My question is twofold.
1. I have a lot of data, and I seem to realize my mistakes after my computer is churning for hours - it seems running this across the nation does not make sense do to the amount of data, so is there a more efficient way of doing this - perhaps in a model or something?
2. Is Network Analysis the right tool?  I also have BA at my disposal.

I appreciate any help and guidance?

Kind Regards,