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AGOL credit usage

Question asked by bnhilton on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by bnhilton

Our AGOL account has had a large increase in credit usage from one day to the next - specifically, March 5 2017 to March 7 2017 - see attached screenshots.  These screenshots indicate that, based on "Database Storage Details: This report provides a list of the organization's hosted feature layers that utilize storage credits. Layers are reported from largest size to smallest size."

Our usage on these dates was:

March 5 2017: 1.61GB/12.75 credits
March 7 2017: 10.56GB/83.66 credits


However, the downloaded spreadsheet indicates: 1,580,944,506 (~1.6GB).

Over the past month, we've been looking for the file(s) that could have caused this increase, to no avail.  I've searched using all the features of the search function in AGOL, and have used a third-party AGOL management tool to find this "credit leak" as we've been burning through about 70 credits/day above our normal rate.


Any help, guidance, etc., would be appreciated.  Thanks.