Stacked Label Expression

Discussion created by KurtRardin on Apr 10, 2017
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Hi y'all, I've got a quick question.  I'm trying to create a label reminiscent of a bygone era of maps and plats in the Forest Service regarding USA Tract numbers.  The label was a simple circle with "USA" written above a circle, and inside the circle the actual tract number would have been written.  I've got the circle and USA down.  The trick is, the label used to place the prefixing letter above the number, and if there were any trailing letters they would appear below the number.  The data in the attribute table looks like this:




or maybe



I would like these to appear like this: (centered)











The Tract number will always begin with a letter, and it may or may not end with a letter (or letters).  Is there a way to make it display like this?  I'd need to kill the hyphen too.  The number itself could be a 1 digit number to a 4 digits.  My thinking is that there's a way to make it take this data and display letters on first line, remove the hyphen, numbers on second line, and any follow-on letters on the third line.


Is this possible?