Security Check-In App

Discussion created by townofbanffgis on Apr 10, 2017
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I was asked if I could make an app that would work in this kind of scenario:


Staff - say they might be security staff - are making their 'rounds' each night. They need to leave some sort of 'audit trail' to show that they have been to certain points at a particular time. In previous times this might have been achieved by signing a sheet or getting a stamp on a time-card. There could be a supervisor need to review this information going back a few months...


Staff these days are all equipped with iPhones and we have our own server to host any potential solution as well as an ArcGIS Online subscription. 


I have a feeling that there must already be something very simple available for this kind of purpose and do not want to spend time re-inventing the wheel. Everything I have thought of so far seems a little clumsy for such a simple application.


Any ideas? I am not looking to track their paths, just to allow check-ins at certain standard places and to review these. 


Thanks for reading!