Using GIS to create data for a research study

Discussion created by erinrichardson on Apr 10, 2017
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I am new to GIS and I would describe it as a tangent interest, so I find I don't use the correct terminology. I am working on my dissertation and using GIS to create specific values for variables in a research study. I have points that represent organizations. each point has a 10 mi buffer. I'm using spatial join, intersect, and merge, etc. to get values for certain criteria in the environment. Ex: How many other organizations are in each organization's buffer, what is the % of rural land use in each buffer, how many schools are in each buffer? Then, I am going to export those values to perform statistical tests (SEM specifically).  I'm using GIS to create specific data about points. What is the terminology for what I'm describing? I need to review other research that has used GIS as a data-creation tool, but I am not finding anything. I am hoping this will be a better way to evaluate the organization's physical environment, rather than by the typical county/town/political geography boundary.  Please point me to another forum if appropriate! Thanks in advance.