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Error 00732 from GP Service after 10.5 Upgrade

Question asked by meperko on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by vmagnis

Hi.  We recently upgraded our environment to version 10.5 and I am now unable to successfully execute a simple geoprocessing service.  The gp service broke after the 10.5 upgrade (for a known reason).  I fixed it and successfully published it.  However, it fails with error 000732 when run.  With this error message:


The error message is actually correct.  ...SQLSAZD02_GdbGisuPub.sde\BoundaryCountyPolgyon does not exist.  The feature class reference is missing "GdbGisuPub.GISU" in front of BoundaryCountyPolygon.


My script references "GdbGisuPub.GISU.BoundaryCountyPolygon" (or it wouldn't work).  Somehow during publishing it gets changed. 


Does this look familiar to anyone?  Anyone know what I am doing wrong now?