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Can .TIF be converted to DTM or DSM

Question asked by on Apr 9, 2017
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Hi all,


I want to apply this example of Calculating Solar Radiation to my work:

Explore Solar Radiation | ArcGIS for Local Government 


In the requirements of Calculate Solar Radiation Rasters task (see image 1), I have to "Enter the surface model you wish to include in the analysis. This can be a bare earth DTM or a DSM" in the Surface Model field. (see image 2).


(image 1)



(image 2)




From the internet, DEM is most of the time used as a generic term for DSMs and DTMs. This image on Wikipedia depicts the differences between DSMs and DTMs well:



Now, I ONLY have a (.TIF) image for my project. This image was taken by a satellite with very excellent resolution.


I suffered a lot of problem in running this example to my work as I don't have DSM or DTM for my work's area. I reach to this point after several investigation. 


The question:


Is there anyway to either convert my high resolution TIF image to DSM or DTM, or any alternative solution?


Note: There is not Lidar data or image for my work's area.





Dan Patterson


Ian Murray