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Default value for STATUS field in Community Events

Question asked by smalltowngis on Apr 6, 2017
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I've been working on the Community Events series of applications for community event application submission and event coordination. I have found that in order for the Event Review app to work someone needs to go to the CommunityEvents layer and change the STATUS field events that are submitted to "Under Review" because of a filter in the Event Review map on the community events feature layer.


I was hoping that the local gov team could make a small change and modify the feature layer to have a default value for the status field when an event application is submitted to be either "Submitted" or "Under Review". I don't want the city staff to have to go to a separate map on AGOL and select the event and change the status just so the event will show up in the Events Review app.


I used the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment add-in to create these maps, apps and layers (love it by the way). So I was hoping you could modify the feature layer used by the deployment tool to have the status field default to one of those two settings and I could modify the filter in the map to make them show up in the review app.





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