How to set Point Symbol outline colour in UniqueValueRenderer

Discussion created by jack@freotech on Apr 5, 2017
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For a UniqueValueRendererfor point feature layer, I am creating classes using the following :

var uniqueValueClass = new CIMUniqueValueClass
  Values = uniqueValues.ToArray(),
  Label = compValue,
  Visible = true,
  Editable = true,
  Symbol = new CIMSymbolReference { Symbol = GetPointSymbol(symbolIndex, sizeVal,GetColor(colorIndex)) }

and creating the symbols :

private CIMPointSymbol GetPointSymbol(int symbolIndex, int sizeVal,CIMColor colour)
  var shapeDef = GetEsriSymbolTable[symbolIndex];

  var cimMarker = SymbolFactory.ConstructMarker(shapeDef.index, shapeDef.font, "Regular", sizeVal, colour); //create   marker from the Font, char index,size,colour
  cimMarker.Rotation = shapeDef.rotation;

  var pointSymbol = SymbolFactory.ConstructPointSymbol(cimMarker); //create a symbol from the marker

  return pointSymbol;

The colour is being applied to the fill, but not to the shape outline. How can i set the colour for the outline ?

GetEsriSymbolTable(symbolIndex) returns a tuple with font, character index and rotation ]