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Add portal items to mosaic dataset

Question asked by david_johnson-esristaff Employee on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by pmangtani-esristaff

What is the workflow for adding hosted imagery layer items from a portal to a local mosaic dataset, and then sharing the mosaic dataset on the same portal?  I need to share the source data as both individual imagery layer as well as collectively through a single item, and I want to avoid having to store two copies of each source raster in the data store in order to accomplish this.


Here are a couple of things I've tried:


1.  Using the Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset tool, I was able to select the portal items after setting the "raster type" parameter to "image service".  The tool ran without any errors or warnings.  However, nothing was added to the mosaic dataset (the footprint table was still empty).  It seems like this should work...


2. For experimental purposes only, I also tried adding the source rasters of the items, which are CRF files in the portal's raster data store, directly to the local mosaic dataset over the network using UNC paths. This actually succeeded. However, after sharing the mosaic dataset to the portal, the resulting imagery layer was unable to access the imagery and would only display the checkerboard pattern you see when the data are inaccessible.  Also, the Analyze Mosaic Dataset tool failed to run on the mosaic dataset with a "failed to analyze <mosaic dataset name>" error.


Thanks for any suggestions!