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Dojox chart in panel

Question asked by MichelleJean on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by MichelleJean

I created a dojox chart using the Info window with chart tutorial. 

I am using info window and the Measurement widget but this combination seems not to be working because every time you click to create a measurement the info window appears and covers your region of interest.



One solution would be to dock the popups but that is only available in JavaScript 4.x which does not support the Measurement widget.

So I guess I need to put the popups in a panel.


I used the sample code from the Popup content in side panel tutorial to integrate the popups in my Popup Panel but I am missing something in the code because it's not working.



Any support with the code would be very helpful.

My map in the ESRI Calcite Maps theme is available on JS Bin.


// From tutorial "Popup content in side panel" 
console.log("Map creation failed: ", dojo.toJson(error));

Thank you,