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Using Collector to enable Survey123 Form duplicated point locations returned

Question asked by mbrueningesi on Apr 4, 2017
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I have used the Survey123 Connect program to create a form that has the following schema.

  1. A group that contains the main information for the Survey; like a header, for the Site Id, Date, State within, and User's Name and a few more fields.
  2. I have a group; we will call group 1, that will contain some more information related the main sampling site. This group contains a repeat that captures information pertaining to each of the sub sampling sites found at/nearby the main sampling site. (I set my repeats up as a groups in anticipation of Survey123 Version 2.0 release.)
  3. Directly after Group 1 is a Group 2 that contains a repeat to collect weather data for the main sampling site.
  4. One of my questions answers from Group 1 will or will not enable; answer dependent, Group 3 that contains a repeat 1  to capture information about items found at each sub survey location. I also have a repeat 2 that is nested within repeat 1 and activated by a question within repeat 1 to gather further data for uniquely ID features within the sample.

So, essentially I have a Feature class that will have three related tables and one of those related tables will also have a related table established to it. So, a feature class with a multiple tables that have one-to-many relationships and one of those tables with a one-to-one table relationship.


I then published the form to my ArcGIS Online account to be used within both collector and survey123 apps. I have created a web map that can be consumed within the Collector app. I would like to use the collector app and enable a High Accuracy Receiver protocol to locate the point locations within the Feature service that was created from publishing the Survey123 form. That way I can have the project base data and aerial imagery loaded for the field crews to use in an Offline mode to work in remote areas.


Within the web map I configured the pop up for the survey point location in to two different manners -

  1. With the Pop up Contents "Display" value set to "A list of field attributes" I only allowed 4 fields to be displayed and edited by the user; they are Site Id, Date, State within, and User's Name.
  2. With the Pop up Contents "Display" value set to "A custom attribute display" I set up the protocol to enable the Survey123 form to opened within the Survey123 app on the same device that the collector app is installed on. As part of this protocol I am passing the values from the 4 field edited within the collector app to be passed into the Survey123 Form within the Survey123 app.

My thought process was that I could utilize the collector app to obtain a very precise location of the sampling sites, but then utilize the Survey123 form to populate the information that is needed. It all seems to be working, but the only hick-up is there are two point locations being submitted.

  1. The first location is the location collected within the Collector app and it contains only the four fields that are visible in within the first dialog pop up within the collector app.
  2. The second location contains the data from the four fields that was passed from the collector app into the form and the remaining data the field crews enter, but this data is attached to new point and the locational accuracy is highly degraded.

After reading a number of blogs that stated the need to use the submission URL; I have tried to look up information pertaining to "submission URL" into the Survey123 form, but the link everyone refers to is broken -


Is there something else that I should be doing in order to achieve my goal of using Collector to submit the location of the survey, while utilizing Survey123 form to populate the remaining data fields within the point feature class and it's related tables?


Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.