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Draw a line from a point by giving an angle and distance to next point

Question asked by pranavms007 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by pranavms007

I want to know how can i draw another line which respect of one point means we have first plotted a point  'a' on map. Then i know the next point's'b'  distance and angle to the point 'a'

My question is how can i draw that line between these two points 'a' and 'b'.  And this process may continued till get my polygon .

If my shape of polygon is triangle.

Initial i know the first point. Then i plot that point in map. At the same same it should pop up the box to ask the angle and distance to next point.(it is possible to display that popup) 
Then i fill the boxes and submit it . Then It should draw the line form first point to next one based on given distance and angle.
Then it again pop up the same box to asking the angle and distance of next point

Now we know the third point is same as the first point. so it should draw this as a polygon .

I think you people got my idea . Please suggest me some libraries or some way to achieve this process.

Thanks advance.
Pranav MS