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ZScaler Affecting WAB Apps

Question asked by jamesfreddyc Champion on Apr 4, 2017
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Our organization has implemented ZScaler security across the internal environment and it seems to intermittently affect our WAB deployments.  Our WAB apps are built with WAB Developer v2.3 (the non-"hosted" WAB developer) and deployed to our own IIS or JBOSS servers, which of course have items referenced on our Organizational AGOL account and their redirect url's pointing to where the WAB is deployed.


There is no issue with the workflow where a user must go to our AGOL site, login, locate the WAB application and then launch/open it.  The problem is when we are opening the WAB app from a hyperlink or from some other web-based application -- the blue startup screen of the WAB app will appear but it never loads, I suspect because it cannot validate authentication.


It seems to be totally random for some and a rare occurrence for others.  However it never fails to happen during demo's and presentations!


The solution has been to clear the browser cache, navigate to some other site and invoke the ZScaler login challenge.  After this is completed the WAB app will then launch from the link as originally intended. 


This however is not an acceptable workflow and I'm hoping to find some alternative solutions: is there some setting on ZScaler that can be applied?


Any input is greatly appreciated!