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using mapping layer to generate doors/entrances on building models

Question asked by mdekys_bagira on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by mdekys_bagira

Hello, I have a mapping layer that represents building entrance positions

I would like to use this information to cut the door on a facade of an existing building model (not generated from footprint) using following approach:


the building's facade will be cut vertically into regular 1m slices (blue color) then I will check each of these slices if it is lying on 100% red color from the mapping layer. If true, then I will make a 2nd subdivision (green color) to create a small face to place a door texture on it as on the picture below:


the problem is that:

1) if there is only little color below the building, and I'm using attribute that has mapping layer connected to it - it only returns 0 (because there is too little red color compared to the area of the building model)



2) I don't know if it is possible to get color information from mapping layer for a subface - from my tests it looks like it isn't working (as on the picture below). When I subdivide facade using split() command, all building slices seem to contain the same information as the whole building model using following rule on them:








#attr that connect to mapping layer to get color info
attr Red_texture = 0

#decompose to vertical faces only
Lot --> comp(f){ vertical : VerticalPlane}

VerticalPlane -->
#fixes for correct alignment
alignScopeToGeometry (zUp, any, world.lowest)
#splitting faces indefinetly by 1m spacing

case Red_texture > 100: # if it contains at least a little ammount of red color
color(1,0,0) # paint this subface red
color(0,1,0) # otherwise paint it green


or if there is any better working approach for creating building entrances please share your ideas