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Timestamp Issue with comma-delimited TXT > GPX conversion

Question asked by Laedryn on Mar 31, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I have some old GPS track data in the form of a comma-delimited txt file created by DNRGarmin/DNRGPS from a Garmin GPS. I'm trying to convert it into .gpx using gpsbabel so that I can synchronize and geotag some photos using GeoSetter or gpicsync, but whenever I convert it the time field retains the date but sets all the timestamps to midnight (00:00:00). When I load the .txt into DNRGPS, all the timestamps display correctly, but I suspect there is some issue in the format of the date/time stamps that is causing the failure in conversion.


Here is a sample of the txt file:


TRACK,ACTIVE LOG,60.49318836,-145.46932287,60.49318836,-145.46932287,true,False,16,-25.337646484375,0,0,2009/04/13-18:35:46,GPSMap76CSX,
TRACK,ACTIVE LOG,60.49271084,-145.46979762,60.49271084,-145.46979762,False,False,16,-25.818359375,0,0,2009/04/13-18:36:09,GPSMap76CSX,
TRACK,ACTIVE LOG,60.49256500,-145.46991823,60.492565,-145.46991823,False,False,16,-22.45361328125,0,0,2009/04/13-18:36:16,GPSMap76CSX,
TRACK,ACTIVE LOG,60.49221028,-145.47023163,60.49221028,-145.47023163,False,False,16,16484.345703125,0,0,2009/04/13-18:36:27,GPSMap76CSX,


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!