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ArcGIS Online Web App - Export Feature to KML

Question asked by mitchell_gpsit on Mar 30, 2017
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**Apologies, this was meant to be posted as a question. The question has been solved.**


I did my best to take a look around before asking this but was unable to find anything.


To give some background:

Currently I have an ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer containing polygons which is used as a reference layer for another ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer where Polygons are drawn using the previously mentioned layer as reference. Both of these layers are sitting in a Web Map which is connected to a Web App. Once a feature has been created in this Polygon layer, our users are needing to export a selection of features to a KML due to the requirements of other software that is being used.

Is this currently possible? Does anyone know of a way to export a feature to KML directly from an ArcGIS Online Web App?


Let me be clear that this is currently a simple Web App build using the online templates, this was not created with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition). Although, if your solution pertains to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) I would still love to see it!


I understand that an obvious work-around in this case is to manually use ArcGIS Pro to bring the layer in, export the feature(s) I want to a local layer and use the Export to KML Geoprocessing Tool to create the same result. I have this set-up in ArcGIS Online so that the users that are tweaking the data are able to do it easily in a Web Browser through an ArcGIS Online Web App. If they also had the ability to Export to KML from the ArcGIS Online Web App that would be very useful.


I also understand that the Select widget for the Web App Builder has similar qualities but does not specifically export to KML. Of course my data is in NZTM so it would need to be projected to WGS84 somewhere along the way I assume.



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