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How to include a newline when concatenating?

Question asked by c_jamfrank on Mar 29, 2017
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Hello all,

In my survey I have the user choose an account ID (txt_Acct_ID) from a list which then auto-populates a number of answers from a csv file.  In the case of a Mailing Address pre-populating a multi-line textbox, I am trying to concatenate a number of separate fields from the csv with newline calls injected.  Example:




City, State Zipcode


Here is one thing I tried:



The result is:



So it appears not to recognize the newline call.  I have a number of workarounds but would like this to work if possible.  The use case is to pre-populate the field but allow the user to update it.  And for this purpose, it actually makes the most sense to put the entire address in one field.