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Locate Me not working for iPhone 6:  I have two GeoForms being considered for state-wide use to collect historic cemetery locations.  I am directing users to httpS, but iPhone 6 users are still getting "Location could not be found."  Location services see

Question asked by HistoryGIS on Mar 28, 2017

I have 2 GeoForms used to collect historic cemetery and grave reports.  After directing users to use https, my Windows phone and Android users are having no problem.  However, iPhone 6 users are getting an error message "Location could not be found."  I have checked to make sure location services are on.  I have checked setting to set Safari and Google to be allowed to access location.  I have tried to access the form through both Safari and Chrome but still the persistent error message.  Surely I must be missing something simple. . . . 


Here is a link to one of the forms.