access violation with GetElevationAsync(mapPoint) when using Prism

Discussion created by eboice0 on Mar 27, 2017

I am building an application with visual studios 2015 using wpf, C# and Prism v4.0.30319. We have a 3d view that is an Esri .net runtime SceneView. We wanted to use the GetElevationAsync(mapPoint) function to get elevation data. In a stand alone application using just Esri SceneView the GetElevationAsync(mapPoint) function works for both the SceneView and MapView if the SceneView is active. This is also using FileElevationSource and loading in DTED level 0 into the FileElevationSource and then adding that to the SceneView.

The issue we are having is when we try and call the GetElevationAsync(mapPoint) we get an access violation and/or corrupted memory when we are using prism and unity. Has anyone else tried using ESRi's .net runtime and Prism to create a SceneView application that is using the GetElevationAsync(mapPoint) function?