Odd rendering of polygons across Date line on maps

Discussion created by themedes on Mar 28, 2017

Hi All,

I have noticed some odd rendering differences when using a GraphicsOverlay with Dynamic vs Static GraphicsRenderingMode setting with Geometries across the international date line. 


I have a small application to demo this effect (attached) - The first map I connected to was the following: 


The application renders a Polygon over the international Date line with a GraphicsOverlay and GraphicsRenderingMode as Static - the polygon is altered and looks almost as if its been normalised (and looks like a folded book with incorrect y coordinates). Switching to Dynamic renders this correctly as a Square polygon with no changes.

I tried the same on another map ( ) and noticed different results again. The polygon was rendered with a line down the centre (almost like its been normalised for the date line - eg. GeometryEngine.NormalizeCentralMeridian) - this happens on both Dynamic and Static for this map.

I have attached some screenshots and a demo application to demonstrate what is going on, if you need to replicate this quickly.


Does anyone have any explanation as to why Static vs Dynamic has differences when rendering a simple polygon? Any help would be appreciated. Our deployed application uses static for rendering due to issues with dynamic rendering and hence we found this oddity.