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How can I run ExportMosaicDatasetData from a script?

Question asked by deleted-user-De598MZ4-kwO on Mar 27, 2017
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Suppose I have a master collection of elevation data stored as a mosaic, with something like ZOrder to grade the data sources from best to worst.  I need to extract the best data to an output raster using an extent, cell size, and mask of my choosing.  I need to do this often for various needs and users, and want to automate this task.


The ArcGIS documentation lists two methods:  CopyRaster and ExportMosaicDatasetData.  The CopyRaster tool is fine for what it does, but is slow and will not apply a mask and, more importantly it won't change the cell size for me.  So it's worthless for my purposes.  The ExportMosaicDatasetData tool does everything I need, as long as I set up a graphic in ArcMap to control the extent and mask.  It's a good tool.  However, it only seems to run interactively as a dialog box within ArcMap.  I don't know of a way to get it into a Python script.  Solutions?


Can someone tell me what kind of resampling is used by ExportMosaicDatasetData?


As a smaller part of the same general problem, I would like to convert selected features from a layer into a graphic, but again this only seems to be available interactively by using a dialog box.  Is there a way to "ConvertFeaturesToGraphics" within a script?


Thanks for any help.  New to this forum, Tim.L