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ETRS_89_LAEA /OSGB_36/WGS_84   transformation issue for CORINE European land use data

Question asked by KatherineSmith2 on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by KatherineSmith2

I am trying to work out what my problem is with the projection of CORINE land use data.  It has a geographical coordinate system ETRS_89_LAEA.  It loads into my ArcMap project which has British National Grid settings and it seems to project OK.  Its a long story, but I need to perform some tasks on the data in Arc and then use a 'layer to KML' conversion to enable me to view the data directly on Google Earth platform (in WGS84).  When I perform this conversion it is no longer projected to all my other data in Google Earth - it shifts slightly to the right.  I have attempted to reproject it in Arc with transformations including ETRS89 to OSGB 36  and ETRS89 to WGS84 but all my efforts seem to make it worse not better.  Can anyone point out what I might be doing wrong, or need to do to make this work.  I have googled it and viewed several forums that indicate there have been issues with ETRS_89_LAEA but I haven't found anything that has fixed this in terms I understand.