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License app at the Standard level through ArcGIS Online for 30 days

Question asked by m.afzal_313 on Mar 27, 2017
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Can anybody guide me how i can use following code in my app:


License your app at the Standard level

  •  CODE  Portal {       id: portal      url: ""      onSignInComplete: {           console.log(qsTr("Signed in!"));           ArcGISRuntime.license.setLicense(portal.portalInfo.licenseInfo)       }       onSignInError: {           console.log(qsTr("Failed to sign in."));       }   }    function portalSignIn ( ) {       // Supply user credentials to login into online Portal      portal.credentials.userName = "<your username>"      portal.credentials.password =  "<your password>"      portal.signIn();   }
    LicenseInfo {     id: licenseInfo} function setLicense () { // Add code here to fetch the saved license information from local storage    var loadedString = "string fetched from local storage”  // Set content of loaded string to be licenceInfo object     licenseInfo.json = JSON.parse(loadedString)  // Apply license     ArcGISRuntime.license.setLicense(licenseInfo) }
    I will be very thankful to you.



Muhammad Afzal