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Formatting labels

Question asked by mbarron on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by tkowal

Not knowledgeable with coding, but I am trying to format labels for this one layer. I want 2 attributes labeled and have currently achieved, but for one of them I want it displayed as currency and rounded. I have found how to do each of these, however I'm a little confused how to implement both at the same time.


I am keeping in mind consistency of what I use (Python vs VBScript vs JScript) and am so far using VBScript for both, but


FormatPercent & Round ([LAYER], 1)


does not work, and neither does removing the ampersand (and second space), nor putting the layer and 'Round' in an inner set of parentheses or anything.


Does anyone know of resources for how to apply multiple formats to the same layer? I found an example in our own data but it was for the text in particular (italics, bold, font size, color), using tags similar to (but NOT identical) HTML, however this of course is different.