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Is ESRI moving to Dojo2 and if so, what is timeframe and migration strategy?

Question asked by dannyvenier on Mar 26, 2017
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Dojo (1) is clearly at end of life, or 5 years past end of life relative to more modern single page application (SPA) frameworks.  I've heard comments that came back from the Developer conference indicating that ESRI is planning to move to DoJo2 which has been under development for 5 years and is mostly in beta at this point.  Does anyone know if this Is true, and if so, what the timelines are for the move?  Are there plans to rebuild WebAppDeveloper on the DoJo2 framework, as well as the widget set and what will the strategy be for those jumping into the toolset built on the current version of DoJo with respect to migrating applications onto the new toolset?  Will both versions of developer applications be maintained, improved and extended going forward from whatever that date is.  (I realize DoJo2 is not at general availability yet, but more interested in knowing Esri's plans and when my application will be orphaned if they do go that way.)