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Shortlist geolocate issue on Android

Question asked by GregoryKlein on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by GregoryKlein

I've had this ongoing problem with getting the Shortlist Story Map geolocate button to work on Android devices. This is true even now, with the new beta version of the Shortlist app that no longer requires a spreadsheet for location entries. I'm serving over secure https (so that's not the problem). In fact, the issue exists even when serving directly from ArcGIS (app not embedded on my own secure site). I'm using an ArcGIS-served base map and have only uploaded one image for this test. (In other words, nothing is being called from an unsecured server.)


Here's a link to the very simple test Shortlist app to illustrate the issue... 


The geolocate button works on iPhones but not on Droids. Can anyone help? Thank you!