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Shortlist BETA - Can you disable the "Start" button on Mobile?

Question asked by TchorzynskiJ_midnr on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by MCooney-esristaff

I did not see this referenced anywhere.  But, one of our ArcGIS Online Publishers from our marketing team had an interesting note on the Shortlist BETA that I'm not sure if anyone has a solution to:


"Made a single tab Shortlist BETA Story Map for our webpage.  Works great!  However, on a mobile it opens to a start button rather than the map itself.  Seems clunky for end-users.  Is there any way to disable this?"


From what I can see it appears to be part of the multi-tab functionality, as when I add multiple tabs the start button goes away and that page is replaced with tab names.  I imagine we could use the developer tools to customize the story map and bypass the start page.  But has anyone been able to resolve this with a setting we're not seeing?