Edit annotation sketch

Discussion created by agray1 on Dec 30, 2010
I am currently converting 9.3.1 tools to 10.  I cannot edit the vertices with the edit sketch tool of a sketch created programmatically with a custom task.  I create a sketch in my code, set the tool to edit tool, let the user edit the sketch, add, delete and move vertices and do the edit the operation on finish sketch of the custom task.

One of the things I have in my application is multi-leader line annotations.  The way I implemented it is with a group annotation element and a 1-M composite relationship class with a point featureclass.  The points sit at the end points of the line elements that are in the composite element.  The relationship class insures the annotation controls the lifetime of the points and will move and rotate them just fine.  I have a custom task to create the elements and I already have a command to invoke the task, set the target and the current tool (the users didn't want to deal with all that.)  So it turns out that stuff is all working in 10.

The problem is with this one edit task I have.  I have a tool that selects the annotation feature, activates a custom edit task, takes each leader line of the selected annotation group element and converts them to a multipart polyline sketch and sets the active tool to edit sketch.  The user can then edit the sketch with all the edit sketch goodness of the standard tool.  When the sketch is finished, the task onFinishSketch alters the group annotation and the related points.  The problem is that in 10 the edit tool doesn't allow me to drag-move the sketch vertices.  I can add, delete vertices, I can even move the vertices by specify a X Y distance by right clicking and going move but I cannot hover over the vertex and move it with the mouse like in 9.3.1.

When I try to invoke the edit vertices tool, I get "Select a single editable feature to modify."  I am not trying to edit a feature, I am trying to edit a sketch, I can handle editing the features (1 anno, many points) myself on finish sketch.