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Use SimpleMarkerSymbol for Identify Tool

Question asked by gistbl on Mar 24, 2017



I am trying to build a simple identify tool application using the IdentifyTask and the DynamicMapService. The application seems to be working fine when it comes to identifying the features on the map using either a Polygon or Freehand Polygon as an InfoTemplate of the feature appears. The part where I am having trouble is highlighting a specific  point feature on the map when i am viewing the InfoTemplate. I am trying to achieve this using a SimpleMarkerSymbol but I am unable to do so. As you will see in the images attached, the application is working as expected when a Polygon and the SimpleFillSymbol are used. I want this application to work in the same way. I don't know where I am going wrong. Kindly assist.


Find the html attached


Thank you in advance