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How to change WAB theme?

Question asked by Grieck on Mar 23, 2017
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I need to change the theme of my WAB site. I am currently using WAB 2.2 and the Jewelry Box Theme. I need to be able to open more than one widget at a time. As I now understand the Jewelry Box theme does not support multiple widgets open at one time.


1) Can you suggest a theme that does allow multiple widgets open at one time? I was thinking Foldable or Dart but want to be certain they support multiple open widgets.


2) I have Feature Actions and need to be able to edit data.


3) What is involved with this kind of change? I've tried to use foldable and add my widget but it wants me to "Set service url". I do not understand what that is.


4) What steps can you suggest to make this transition painless?