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Shortlist business addresses using suite numbers

Question asked by on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by ressinger-esristaff

Hi.  I am creating a Story Map using the Shortlist builder.  The csv file contains ~200 businesses around town, and are placed in TAB_NAME, as categories of Eat, Shop or Enjoy.  I have a few locations, where there are multiple businesses housed in a single building.  The street address is the same for each, with a suite number to differentiate between the businesses.  Is there a way to differentiate between these businesses in the web map app?  When I click on a map pin at a location I know has multiple businesses, the tab pane only opens the 'latest' one available.  If I search the Eat tab locations, for example, I can see there are multiple businesses at that location (mouse hover over each changes the pin information on the map).  If I click on the pin, it opens the 'latest' tab pane for that business.  I am hoping someone has a nice solution, as I want my business owners to be happy!  Many thanks in advance.