What is up with searching the online resource center?

Discussion created by aquee on Mar 22, 2017
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For about a week now, I have been having trouble using the online help for the SDK (as I have been doing for arcobjects development for many years) via ArcGIS Resources  e.g. search "inmemoryworkspace"


I end up at something like this:

Resources Search Results 

"We’re Sorry ...

We are unable to display the page you requested."


If I search from there again, I end up at beta  Resources Search Results 


I also note that searching in the ArcObjects SDK also turns up nothing:

Search Result | ArcGIS Desktop 


It doesn't matter what search terms, even common ones like IName and ITable.  Same results for Pro and all versions.


It's got to the point where I installed the 10.3 SDK help locally to Visual Studio again, as the web help is just not working.


Edit 31.03.2017

Still ongoing.  


I did notice today that I can search the ArcObjects 10 VBA SDK, just not .NET i.e. contrast "delete table" search results

search result | ArcGIS Resource Center   with Resources Search Results 


Edit 26.06.217

Still ongoing.

My supervisor got the exact same issue and with some testing we realised that it was broken for me in Chrome and working in Firefox, yet for him (same connection, same software) it was the reverse.  Go figure.

So if this is affecting you, I recommend using another browser and see how you go.