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How do you select camera resolution on Windows 7 tablet in Survey123

Question asked by Sonoma_Land_Trust on Mar 23, 2017

I am using a Trimble Yuma 2 enhanced rugged tablet running Windows 7.


When I use the form in Android and iOS , the form will accept the highest resolution (unrestricted) and I can adjust that in the camera widget.


When I use in Windows 7 on the Yuma 2 (or Windows 10 on desktop test station) the autofocus fails and most pictures are blurry.


However, the most problematic issue is that even though the default camera settings are 5MP on a 4:3 format, the Survey123 camera widget in Windows OS only captures and stores a 640x480 (blurry) image (or 800x600 @ 96 dpi on my test desktop) in Survey123  and the widget doesn't expose any settings for the default camera.


Any thoughts or workarounds people have encountered on Windows OS (7 or 10) machines using the built in camera with the widget?


I have tried the workaround of closing Survey123 window, opening up the camera app taking the picture then return to Survey123 window and use the chooser/browser in the image widget to go pick the image  however the EXIF embed is not consistent with other images that Survey123 controls.


Thoughts for how to stay in Survey123 on Windows OS tablets and use the camera for higher resolution images>