Cost Weighted - Raster Question

Discussion created by Jerry_G on Dec 30, 2010
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I am doing an accessibility study and I am using roadways as my "Friction" raster.  I am then using the cost weighted tool in SA to create a walkable area around set points. I reclassed the results so there is a higher value for being closer to the point and it tapers down to the edges. So if one lived next to the point they would get 10 while if they lived on the edge of the walkshed they would get 1. The problem I am having is that I end up with just the roadways scored and I need a raster that is "filled in" with the scores  (not really sure how to articulate this, kind of like the polygon that is generated in network analyst). I can think of some ways to do this in SA but it would be in Euclidean distance and that is not accurate when measuring walkable access. 

My other idea is to use network analyst to create a walkable polygon, create negative buffer layers, merge them together, convert to raster and reclass with the scoring system I created.

Any help will be much appreciated!