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How to set up architecture with GeoEvent and Big Data Store?

Question asked by wrozkow on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by anthony.ryan_ergon

After looking into several places (Resources, Spatiotemporal BDS tutorial, UC tech workshops) I'm a bit confused what is the minimum and optimal cofiguration to run GeoEvent Server with Spatiotemporal BDS.


Here're my doubts:

1. To install BDS I need Portal and ArcGis Server federated with this Portal and registered as a hosting server.

So, Portal and Server can be on one machine (srvrA), and BDS can be on separate machine (srvrB), right?


2. In the help for GeoEvent Server I read: "ArcGIS GeoEvent Server requires ArcGIS Server". Additionally, GeoEvent should be federated with the Portal.

a. So, can I install GeoEvent Server on the same machine (srvrA) with Portal and ArcGIS Server?

b. What in case I wan't GeoEvent on separate machine (srvrC) - do I need to install ArcGIS Server on this machine? Should this ArcGIS Server be federated with Portal on (srvrA)?


3. What would be sufficient option for this configuration if I expect not more than 200 events per second?