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Help with raster mosaic

Question asked by AlexBTOS on Mar 20, 2017
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Hello, I'm working with my first set of aerial image deliverables. The images came in .tifs with an accompanying TFW, XML, and OVR file for each tile. The goal is to combine all the images that comprise my area of interest so that I can use the resultant image as a basemap for future maps.


From ESRI's help docs and this forum, I created a geodatabase, created a new mosaic dataset, and added rasters to the dataset. I included the TIF, FTW, XML and OVR in the selection for good measure (mistake?). I checked the boxes for calculate statistics, build pyramids, build thumbnails ,update cell size ranges, update boundary, and estimate mosaic dataset statistics, and left the rest of the boxes on default.


The resultant mosaic is a boundary, a footprint, and an "image" that is completely blank. I ran the Calculate Statistics tool on it again, and it's still blank. What am I missing to get a complete image?


Thanks, Alex