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Question asked by teachcalds on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by JTedrick-esristaff

We've been using Survey123 for quite a while and have been very happy with the results. For us it is fairly easy to extract the data we wish to store and use for reports by utilizing ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and FME Desktop. But our goal has been to put survey making into the hands of our field personnel allowing them to build surveys and easily extract the data (for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reporting) with no need to have it stored within SDE or a file geodatabase. What we are truly after is empowering the users to use Survey123 without us being the admins of their projects.


I want to know from the Survey123 team if they have discussed building a tool to sit on that allows users to download flattened out reports. Basically reports that have all answered questions in a survey, along with repeat section answers, and all associated photos for each survey submitted.


EXAMPLE: Let's say they capture water wells on a property. This example is basic and not what we do, but I wanted to make it clear so I came up with this simple example. The parenthesis represent the different items created with this small example. Currently 4 would be created below (1 main and 3 attachments).


(Main 1) Property name

(Main 1) Property address

Begin Repeat

(Attachment 2) Well Name

(Attachment 2) Well Number

(Attachment 3) Take photo of well

End Repeat

(Main 1) Additional property comments

(Attachment 1) Signature


What we'd like to see Esri do is rather simple. Allow a report to be generated that looks like this ... Let's say 3 wells were captured on Property 1 and 2 wells captured on Property 2. That would actually make 5 rows if the data is flattened out. Please see the Excel attachment I've included for an example of how the requested final report would look. I'm using Excel in my example, but we wouldn't care if it just sat on as an additional option.


I just know we need a better option than what currently exists because the only thing you can presently see at the Survey123 site are the answers associated with "Main 1" above. Which means of the 7 things captured representing one single survey, only 3 out of the 7 are viewable.


(Main 1) Property name

(Main 1) Property address


(Main 1) Additional property comments


Again we don't want to store it on SDE or have to be admins by creating everything in ArcGIS GeoEvent for Server. We'd like to see Esri use some resources to flatten out this data for all of its users. I think it's beneficial and would be an incredible selling point for the Survey123 application.


Thanks in advance for any answers Esri can provide.