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Projecting Vectors in LO19 projection to MODIS sinusoidal Projection

Question asked by 15124193 on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by GSCUser85

Hi Everyone


I have a case where I have vector data (crop census polygons) in a LO19_South Africa Projected Coordinate System with a Geographic Coordinate Sytem of Hartebeesthoek_1994. I then added MODIS LST data to my dataframe which has a Projected Coordinate System which reads: Unknown_datum_based_upon_the_custom_spheroid_Sinusoidal (in layer properties) and GCS Unknown_datum_based_upon_the_custom_spheroid (according to the layer properties) with datum: Not_specified_based_on_custom_spheroid (according to layer properties). 


When the data frame CS is the same as the MODIS data then the MODIS data displays correctly. When I change the data frame CS to the crop census polygon CS then the MODIS data displays skew and the polygons correct. With the data frame with the MODIS data CS, I then created a Grid Index with the same coordinates system as the MODIS data so that it fits perfectly. 


However I want to do area calculations using the Grid that I created with a MODIS/Sinusoidal Projection and the crop census data which has a LO19 projection.


I assume that both shapefiles need to be in the same coordinate system for the calculations to be accurate. Now my question now is how do I get the Grid(Sinusoidal Projection) into a LO19 Projection or visa versa.


I have tried the projection tool but it doesn't seem to work due to transformation issues. 


Can anyone please assist me with this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated. 


Kind Regards