ArcGIS Pro orthomapping tool

Discussion created by masterthesiskiel on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by hxu-esristaff

Hello all, 

I am trying to create an orthomapping workspace to stitch images taken by a drone. 

The .tiff images do not have the geolocation data. however, I have everything in a .txt file. 


When I added the images for the project, and loaded the geolocation.txt file and assigned all the relevant field, 

however, when i hit 'ok'. it doesn't move or load the information! the screen just freezes and i can't do anything. 

when i left that information out, and hit 'finish' to create the workspace, of course the images are not displayed since the geolocation information are missing. 


Can I get any help on this? Or please advice me on how I can stitch the photos together.