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How come my data fields shift to the left?

Question asked by ScottJ on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by ScottJ

I’m having a weird issue and thought maybe someone else has experienced it before and have a solution. Here are my steps and the issue I’m having.

I’m extracting data out of our Computer Aided Dispatch SQL server. All fields and data are good to go.

I add X/Y event data from the previous extract to the map in ArcGIS Pro. All fields and data are correct. Table looks good and points are visible on map.

I publish the X/Y event data to a web layer on AGOL in My Content.

I add that feature layer to my map in AGOL

I reviewed the fields and data to discover that all of the data in the fields has shifted to the left by one field.

Small example:

Fields:                   Agency                 Event                    Case                                      Field 4

Data                       MCSO                   MC17123456      IR17000001

Data on AGOL    MC17123456      IR17000001         Data from field 4

The Agency data MCSO is missing.