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Question asked by salecker on Mar 16, 2017

I will convert all labels of a Point Feratureclass to Annotations with ArcPY. I dont't understand the following Python Objects

TiledLabelsToAnnotation_cartography (map_document, data_frame, 
polygon_index_layer, out_geodatabase, out_layer, anno_suffix,
{reference_scale_value}, {reference_scale_field}, {tile_id_field},
{coordinate_sys_field}, {map_rotation_field}, {feature_linked},

MAP Domcument => MXD File
Data-Frame => The TOp Name of the MXD File
polygon_index_layer => I have no Polygon Featureclass, i have a Point Featureklass with Labels which I convert to annotation.
                       What can I do???
out_geodatase => Then name of the FGDB