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GenerateGeodatabase Error

Question asked by chad.yoder@nwg on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by minerjoe

Getting the error below from the server logs.


GenerateGeodatabaseJob.JobChanged returns a status = "Failed".


GenerateGeodatabaseJob.Error.Message is null.


Code worked fine until a new service was published with some additional layers.  Quick check on the layers, everything appears fine, other than 2 have quite a large extent (some points where created at 0,0).


Could this be causing the issue?  We are working to resolve the extent issue, but wondering if there are any other ideas on paths to take to track down the culprit?

<Msg time='2017-03-13T15:42:24,395' type='SEVERE' code='20010' target='System/SyncTools.GPServer' methodName='GPServerSync.CheckMessages' machine='LAB-GISTEST.BLAH.COM' process='9096' thread='6876' user='cd36ded5-d290-47e1-8875-8766e6d17998' >Error executing tool. CreateFeatureServiceReplica Job ID: j46b13418aa2e4e8093a15586e6ea3867 : ErrorMsg@SyncGPService:{"code":400,"description":"Error while writing layer info in SqLite geodatabase."}
Failed to execute (Create Feature Service Replica).</Msg>



//Generate the Gdb and create the callback handler
Job<Geodatabase> gdbJob = gdbSyncTask.GenerateGeodatabase (gdbParameters, gdbPath);

gdbJob.JobChanged += (object sender, EventArgs evt) => 
   Debug.WriteLine("[GDB GENERATE STATUS MESSAGE] " + gdbJob.Status.ToString());
   Console.WriteLine("[GDB GENERATE STATUS MESSAGE] " + gdbJob.Status.ToString());

//Get the result
Geodatabase gdb = null;
try {
   //Check for failed, and protect against a corrupt Gdb
   if (gdbJob.Status.ToString().Trim().ToLower() != "failed") 
      gdb = await gdbJob.GetResultAsync ();
   } catch { }

//Check the result
if (gdb == null) {
   ToastHelpers.ShowError("Download Error", "Unable to download the selected feature data.\n\nError: " + gdbJob.Error.Message, 7);
else {
   ToastHelpers.ShowSuccess("Map Data Download", "Successfully downloaded the map data for offline use.", 5);