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Configurable logo web map printing

Question asked by johanglimmer on Mar 13, 2017

I'm aware that texts in a print template can be configured in the Export Web Map Task, but what is the optimal way to enable configurable logos while printing?


My goal is to use the current number of templates, approximately 4 (A4 landscape/portrait and A3 landscape/portrait) with configurable logos. There will be about 20 different logos to choose from, but i dont want to create 4x20 mxd:s (templates).


I also want the user to be able to remove or keep the north-arrow and the legend.


I've considered creating a custom print service with arcpy.mapping and modifying the mxd:s each time to generate a print that responds to the users input. But i'm not sure if that is the optimal way to do it.


Just to be clear, the additional options for the print service would be something like: 



  "northArrow": false,
  "logo": ""


I'm using JS API 3.19 with ArcGIS server 10.3.1 (About to update to 10.5)