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Trying to load more than one tpk file when I am offline

Question asked by twiggerich on Mar 13, 2017
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Hi all ,


I am trying to load two tpk - files. When I am ONLINE I have absolutly no problems everthing works fine .


But when I am, from the beginning of the start of my application, OFFLINE I can't see anything.

So I started by replacing the following line:

mp_basemap = Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Basemap::imagery( this );

With the following line:

mp_basemap = new Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Basemap( this );

Now I can see the first OFFLINE tpk file. But the region is somewho selected to exactly this image. I cannot zoom further out or go to another place. Everthing is just inside this region...

How I can I remove this region?


This is my code:

mp_basemap = new Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Basemap( this );
TileCache * tileCache = new TileCache( "<path>\\Test.tpk", this);
ArcGISTiledLayer* tiledLayer = new ArcGISTiledLayer( tileCache, this );
mp_basemap->baseLayers()->append( tiledLayer );

* tileCache2 = new TileCache( "<path>\\Test2.tpk", this);
ArcGISTiledLayer* tiledLayer2 = new ArcGISTiledLayer( tileCache2, this );
mp_basemap->baseLayers()->append( tiledLayer2 );


So the second tpk file is not shown. This is the case when the second tpk file is far away from the first.


If the second tpk file is close too the first tpk file, it will be shown, but the selected region is just from the first loaded layer. It does not seem to extent it.


With kind regards