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Facing problem to get an image file using printing tools export web map task with various layers like Orthoimagery FEMA Image Server and NFIP Community Layer, KMZ Stay Dry, NFHL Map Server. It returns a url sometimes but not always. Please help with this

Question asked by kuhlmann on Mar 10, 2017

We are using NFIP/NFIP_Community_Layer (MapServer) to get an image URL of a map with some extent and various layers.

The layers we have used are like below -

1. Orthoimagery/FEMA_Fused (ImageServer) 

2. NFIP/NFIP_Community_Layer (MapServer) 

3. KMZ/StayDry (MapServer) 

4. public/NFHL (MapServer) 


After parsing we are getting an url to get the image -… 


Sometimes its not returning the URL. Please help with this unstable behaviour.