Implementing a Unique Value Renderer for Graphics Layers

Discussion created by greenemm42 on Mar 9, 2017
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Hi QT SDK community,

I'm looking to use a Unique Value Renderer in order to display different colored lines connecting from the ground to points in the sky. I have read ESRI's webpage about different rendering processes, and I think the Unique Value Renderer is what I need to be using. I've created a unique value denoted as "QString uniqueString", which I think I need as a unique ID in order to render properly. uniqueString contains unique values to the objects in the sky that I am trying to project lines from. "Qcolor lineColor" contain the unique colors that I want the lines to be. Below is the code I am using that does not compile.


void addLineOfSightToMapFunc(Point deviceLocation, Point satLocation,Esri::ArcGISRuntime::SceneGraphicsView* m_sceneView, QColor lineColor,QString uniqueString,mn::GraphicsOverlay* lineGraphicOverlay, MapRay *thisF )
    mn::UniqueValueRenderer* LOS= new mn:: UniqueValueRenderer(thisF);
    // create a graphics overlay for the lines
    // add the overlay to the mapview
    // create line geometry
    mn::PolygonBuilder polylineBuilder(m_sceneView->spatialReference());
    // build the polyline
    // tells renderer what type of symbol to use.
    mn::SimpleLineSymbol* sls = new mn::SimpleLineSymbol(mn::SimpleLineSymbolStyle::Solid, lineColor, 5, thisF);
    // creates graphic from the polylineBuilder
    mn::Graphic* lineGraphic = new mn::Graphic(polylineBuilder.toGeometry(), thisF);
    // set the renderer of the graphic overlay to be the line symbol
    // add the graphic to the overlay
Any help would be greatly appreciated.