Trouble Creating Raster Surface Layer from Floating Point Data

Discussion created by rlukie on Dec 28, 2010
Dear Fellow GISer,
     I am trying to create one of several raster surface layers from a floating point raster, for subsequent summation to other layers, and I have been struggling to find a solution. I have tried:


and I have even tried performing the calculations in steps, as suggested by one user:

1) [distance_nslf]*-0.000154439
2) Step 1 * 100
3) Int(Step 2)

I obtain values ranging from 0 to 1 (ex) 0-0.111111111; 0.111111111-0.222222222; etc).

Please kindly advise as to how I can resolve this issue as I am unsure about the best way to handle floating point data.

Thanks in advance!