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Related Tables not appearing in popup in WebAppBuilder (Developer Edition) but do in the AGOL WebAppBuilder

Question asked by Blian2 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Blian2

We are using WebApp Builder Developer Edition 2.2 and hosting it in our own environment.

I have published a feature service containing a feature class and a table with which a relationship class exists. When I access this feature service in the Developer Edition and click on one of the features to get a pop up, I do not see the related table.

When I create the app in the AGOL WebApp Builder though, and add the data, clicking on a feature to get the pop up reveals the related table.

It is absolutely necessary that users have access to the related table when clicking on a feature, but I would prefer to use the Developer Edition. Any thoughts on why functionality differs between the two as it pertains to a feature service containing a feature class and table with a relationship class?